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Do we really need another Tip Calculator?
Yes, this one we do need.

First, it's free.  Secondly,
Split the Check! is the easiest way you will ever find to calculate the tip based on preset percentages and split it among friends.  Three clicks and you're done.

Input the number of persons in your group, enter the check total and select from No tip or 15, 18 or 20 percent of the total for the tip.  Instantly, it gives you the total tip, total check amount including tip, and the amount each person needs to kick in to divide the bill.

"But," you say, "what if I don't tip on the tax?"  "What if I want a different percentage?"  In that case, get something else. 

We surveyed dozens of friends, visited lots of dim restaurants and bars and tested this product under some of the most trying circumstances.  It involved a lot of tequila, beer, good wine, greasy and great food and in all instances we were able to function well enough to use
Split the Check! without a hitch.  This product is bullet proof. 

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